Chimpler | Some stuffs that may be useful…
StockChaos for Android is a Stock Portfolio manager that offers the following features:
    - Dynamic chart with several technical indicators(SMA, EMA, RSI, Ichimoku Cloud, KELT, …)
    - Screener (same as in Google Finance) to find stocks based on different criteria
    - Sumary of stock reviews from several investment research companies
    - Sync with Google Finance
    - Show news from Google Finance, Motley Fool Caps and Twitter
    - Transaction Management (sync with Google Finance)
    - Alert Management (below and above price)
    - Price History Navigation
    - Share updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN

It is available in the Android Market

Main Pages

  • Swipe left/right to go to the next portfolio.
  • Sync your portfolios with Google Finance
  • Link your Google Finance, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN accounts so you can post updates on them

    Stock info

  • Swipe left/right to go the next stock in the portfolio.
  • Scroll down to see the news from Google Finance, Motley Fool Caps and Twitter.
  • Manage transactions associated to stocks (buy/sell/short selling/sell cover)
  • Get Stock reviews from the main investment research companies
  • Get annual/quarterly company financials
  • Chart

  • View the history chart (open/close/volume) for each day. You can zoom in/out and scroll left/right to go back to the past.
  • Use technical indicators to identify high probability trade entry and exit points


    Add criteria from Google Finance to find stocks to buy.


    Receive notifications when stocks drop/go over a certain threshold.