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StatLog is a web application that gives an estimate of how much a website worth as well as the different technologies used to build the website and the visibility of the site on major search engines, social bookmarks and social networks.

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Main Screen and Search Page

We gather statistics on the most popular technologies, registrars, keywords, … according to the sites we have crawled. We also provide a search engine based on keywords, technologies, site location to compare websites more efficiently.

Stats on the sites crawled Search engine based on keywords and multi-criteria (technologies, location, …)

Domain Info Page

For any website, you can have an estimation of how much it is worth as well as the followings statistics:

  • Ranking in major Internet traffic estimator
  • Number of hits in major search engines
  • Number of bookmarks
  • Price valuation of the site on major site estimator
  • Technologies used
  • Keywords associated to domain
  • DNS information
  • Location

    Website screenshot and general description Keywords, Technologies and Location

    Internet Traffic and visibility on major sites Related websites and comments

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