Chimpler | Some stuffs that may be useful…
Chimply is a web application to generate spinner images, animated bars, buttons, badges and to do some editings on images (zoom, crop, filter, …).

It started as a pet project back in 2008 to generate spinner images (images you see when a page is loading). As time went by, we added more and more features such as the generation of buttons, badges and more recently the edition of images.

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Creating images

You can now choose from more than 50 templates and personalize them (colors, shapes, speed, …) using an intuitive interface.

Choose a model from over 50 templates (for spinners, animated bars, buttons and badges).

Then personalize it to fit your needs.

And voila! All the images you created will be stored in your session. You can also create an account for them to be stored permanently on our server so you can download them later.

Editing Images

Chimply offers the ability to resize/crop and apply some filterings to your image on your browser.

Upload an image to our server and then resize/crop it.

After the image is cropped, you can apply some filters: grayscale, pixelate, reflection (as seen on the picture above, negative and interlace.

And voila! you can now download the resized/cropped/filterered image!

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